Direct Edge recognises it’s moral, social and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, contractors and the public.

Work Health & Safety POLICY

At Direct Edge Work Health and Safety comes before all else.

To maintain our safe work environment Direct Edge will:

  • Continue to comply and conform to internationally recognized standard ISO 45001-2018
  • Identify and act on hazards that pose a risk of injury or illnesses
  • Consult, communicate and commit to practicable resolutions involving Work Health and Safety
  • Ensure staff are inducted and educated as to health and safety requirements
  • Utilize “Hierarchy of Controls” to implement / eliminate the hazard or reduce the risk of a hazard causing loss / damage / injuries.
  • Maintain knowledge of and comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Require compliance to WHS policy and  procedure from all employees, sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Monitor, review and develop Company  strategies surrounding Work Health and Safety to ensure continued improvement and effectiveness
  • Ensure contraventions relating to Work Health and Safety are treated accordingly
  • Empower Direct Edge employees and sub-contractors to embrace a ZERO HARM philosophy to Work Health and Safety

Our workplace safety program revolves around a process of monitoring, examining, identifying and minimising the risk of harm to our employees, contractors and visitors.

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