Our Multicam CNC router, with a gantry clearance of 250mm allow us to process aluminium, wood and a variety of plastic flat sheets up to 100mm thick using sheet sizes of up to 3800 x 1800mm at high accuracy and speed. The CNC router also offers engraving & 3D engraving.

Powder Coating

Direct Edge operate a complete powder coating system which includes a Four Stage phosphate preparation line, quick change powder application booth and a drying oven stage. Within Direct Edge’s powder spraying facility we have the equipment to recover and re-use any overspray powder.

Wet Painting

Seetal wet painting booth to provide complete flexibility with surface finishing options to our customers, including meeting defence requirements.

Press brake 

Trumpf CNC press brake machine is equipped with Laser adaptive measuring systems, and quick hydraulic changeover setup, ensuring our results are accurate & repeatable for up to 3000mm bend lengths on most types of steel.

Turret Punch CNC

Trumpf Turret Punch CNC machine provides an accuracy up to 0.1mm, flexibility, excellent  reliability & is environmentally friendly on a maximum sheet size of 3000 x 1500mm with a 25 metric ton punching capacity up to 6mm thick for Mild Steel and Aluminium. Numerous types of forming can be carried out on this machine these include louvres, bending, roller beading, countersinking, door hinges, cupping, metric thread extrusions & embossing at world class speed.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting department consists of two state of the art, highly accurate & very efficient CO2 laser machines, with cutting capabilities up to 25mm for Mild Steel, 20mm for Stainless and 12mm for aluminium.


The Timesavers 42 RB 1350 offers deburring and edge rounding with the highest quality and most beautiful finish.

This is accomplished using a multi-directional brush machine, with eight heads, that uniformly deburrs and finishes the edges of laser-cut, punched, and machined parts in one pass. Providing even, controllable edge radiusing in all directions on flat, shaped, punched, machined parts or 3D parts. The Rotary Brush can deburr edges of small and large parts without harming surface coatings such as cladding, zinc, or laser film.

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