New Era New Generation New Edge

For many years, Direct Edge, has believed in fostering local talent and developing our people skills. Today our high performing ‘new world,’ computerised sheetmetal manufacturing delivers product directly or indirectly to many parts of the world. We are proud of our people, resources and capabilities, built up by a privately owned and operated local Tasmanian family incorporating local 'home grown talent'.

These days in a global market, there are demanding standards of sophisticated sheetmetal manufacturing to be met by our clients who also face stiff competition from overseas market forces. While our world-class laser machinery capabilities provide leading edge competitiveness for our customers, we know deep down that our people, our know how and our collective experience makes the difference.

Direct Edge is proud to announce the promotion of a new ‘home grown’ Senior Leadership Team, which will lead a new generation and a new era for the company's Burnie operations. Working and collaborating together to find better solutions with our customers is the way to manufacture best practice, competitive edge in sheetmetal.

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